Plastisol ink is a plastic based ink used to place onto textiles. We use Rutland ink system for all our stocked and custom made inks. 


Discharge is a process where pigments from the shirt are removed to provide an unberbase. This allows for a smoother and seamless feel to shirts. 

4-Color Process

4-Color Process is the separation of design with multiple colors into 4 distinct colors; Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black. Through high-mesh screens, all colors combined can make very detailed and multiple color designs, seamless. 



Custom Inks and Colors

Are you looking for a specific color for your garments that just isn't that common? No matter the project, big or small, Gavina can help you. Ask about the many different color options Gavina offers. 



Athletic Apparel



Gavina offers the ability to number your garments with a variety of number fonts to choose from. If you're looking for numbers for your football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc, Gavina is here to help you with those services. 

Team Uniforms

If you're looking for all your team apparel to match and look like a professional sports team then look no further than Gavina Graphics. 



Team Warm-ups

Just looking for your team warm-ups to be all the same. Gavina Graphics has much experience printing on all athletic apparel brands including: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Badger, Riddell, and more.